Web 2.0 What's it all about?

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Why you need to think about "Web 2.0"

"Web 2.0" is the commonly used expression that refers to a dynamic approach to web site development that fosters interactivity, community and management of user generated content. It used to be that all you needed was some html background and the ability to slice images in Photoshop. The skill set has since widened considerably.- AJAX CSS XML HTML PHP, javascript and flash are some of the technologies that make it happen.

Visit any web site that offers a discussion forum, news-feeds, social bookmarking or user uploads and, chances are, the site content is stored in a database, the visual elements are controlled by Cascading Style Sheets and the page is generated at the time of viewing by a scripting language such as PHP.

Content Management Systems bring it all together in a framework that provides the site owner with a back-end administrative interface where all the various elements can be controlled.

Dynamically built web sites make it easier to handle large amounts of constantly changing information such as blogs, video uploads, product catalogs, etc. With content stored separate from layout and typography directives, pages tend to have less cluttered code and therefore more relevant information for the search engine spiders.

At TruMedia, we have embraced the Joomla Open Source Content Management Sytem - perhaps the most robust open souce CMS on the planet. We have been using Joomla since its inception and provide design, development, training and support services to our clients.

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